One Light System meditations676 (10.12 – 10.20) :25

new cycle :25 - 9 days. (10.12 - 10.20)

100 seconds 33% we meditate supplying One Light system (all who is active) with Light energy - next 100 seconds 33% we sending Light to where is need it!
1. 7:25a - 7:30a
2. 8:25a - 8:30a
3. 5:25p - 5:30p
4. 6:25p - 6:30p

76 seconds Naza Ra Svitlo 1:16
22 s. Rei-Wen Ho 1:38 (III) instructor (I) USA
5s. Christina Williams 1:37 (II) instructor (I) Accra Ghana
Tobiah McGrath (II) instructor (I) Australia Brisbane
Jordan Gochenour (II) USA 4

free* introduction Fisrt Time in person (In – Person. walk in welcome, and Live on-distance !) RSRV:

Light Live System Conversations:

Light map:

upcoming events – seminars -webinars

10.15 @8am Special edition One Light System Meditation700
10.2017 Ca (Illumination Retreats request)
12.10 – 12.21 Solstice Transition ®©

complete Illumination practice preparation
for the Highest ascension wave Enlightenment !
– free initiation to the One Light System in person.
(step by step from adaptation to full 3rd eye activation process)
become a student in ONE LIGHT SYSTEM and receive knowledge how to Grow on Light !
first day Purity – cleansing of all bodies,
opportunity to receive special “Self Renewal” fire ceremony,
– after purification in the river, lake…
(harvesting silence mountain quest.)
available to collaborate with any ascension seekers


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