Presentation/Recommendation to CA SWRCB workshop I for Board Meeting on 11.21.2017

a workshop on November 21, 2017 during the board meeting, which begins at 9:30 am.  For more information, please see the November 21 Board Meeting Agenda:

The comment will be submitted and publicly published today 11.16.2017 stay tune for more info!

more related news:…-17-public-forum/

Climate Action Team Public Health Workgroup Participation in webcast Meetings 10.17.2017


Recent Environmental Representation 
 1 . Attended Live Webinar  (Water Planning)
 2. 09.15 Public Comment for 09.19 Board meeting with Presentation on Water Waste Register Center Data Platform
   NEW 3. Developed (convert data mapping) Water Waste violations locations on one Urban Residential Community Foster City Ca ( updates regularly - Encouraging Public to Participate ! )

Request Analytic Service

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