timeline experience:


04.22 Developed ONE LIGHT system

dec. 18-21 mountain spiritual retreat energy boost breathing class.

dec. 22nd Breathing Light practice:

2015 assisting local creek and rivers at the time of drought
documented over 250 water violations in the city of mount shasta

on June 2013 – 2014 spiritual retreats and meditation activity


☀ Receiving Light 1st Year

Posted by Naza Ra Svitlo on Sunday, September 2, 2012


healing project is :”Our heart energy” which allows the innate intelligence of the human body to facilitate whatever healing is necessary by listening and feeling to ones heart and knowing what the heart is communicating back to us!»
« Another powerful healing tool I incorporate is what I call “Natural toning”. It’s comprised of 4 particular sounds/tones that allow you to tune into your natural state in order to heal the water of your crystalline body and your light body.»Additional energetic healing techniques that I offer are: certified “theta healing”, “soul chart”, “coming back to oneness by removing the mask“,”reiki”, “way out of problems”, and “energetic healing by restoring natural biological process”, in conjunction with other great teachings, rememberings, guidings and experiences I bring from the highest vibrational energies. All of this and much more is here to assist us in our Evolution!12.2012 at mount shasta CA
Teaching Energy Enhancement  class

personal channelled calendar drawings : Soul Portraits and Collective Activations based on Sacred Geometry