American river swimming club and self developing practices

Regular most empowering classes with swimming in the American river Energy to the Club Members

upcoming class to register:

-3.(knowing your water) – Swimming in American River practice (will hold the space) 30 min.

– 1. breathing Light (self calibration master practice) 5 – 10 min. with body asanas 5 – 10 min.

– 2. Sun light gaizing therapy (sun rise first hour) Direct 10 min.

until the “Safe” area is developed, we swimming on our own responsibilities ! And most definitely each club member will be on the eye” watch until in you in the river.

* we will be practicing in the 1.Sun Rise (5:30-630)am and 2last day hour of the Sun Light.(7-8)PM

* additional service (personal attention) can be included in the fees. – I am sharing the most to All if you need extra attention we can schedule.