Breathing Light

light-mind-body and spiritual development

Breathing Light - it is a combination of breathing and seeing the One Source of Light.

precious deep breathing
 INTELLIGEntly will program into higher EXPANSION
 IT is the most important function in the body 
呼吸 Hūxī   Precious breath atunment: balance with physical integrity
Allow inner vital life forces to flow and be activated completely
inhale prana/ exhale apana (energy) into meridians (channels) in the most precious way will awaken the highest potential you have!
光 Guāng 2. Seeing and accumulating one source of Light.
#spontaneous #knowingness #awareness

Balanced Proportional Rhythmical Breathing allowing to achieve Harmonius Vibration.  Controlled breathing not only cures all diseases and also releasing past traumas, fears, worryingness cultivating strong emotional body!

Level 0 into 1: Purification of the Nervous, Respiratory and Blood System
2 weeks inner clock atunment program.
The deeper breathing enriches the blood with oxygen.large amount of oxygen goes to the brain, lungs, heart, and capillaries.
You will know how to grow and expand your Light Bodies high Up Level 2 beginner always healthy.

Level 3  teachings initiation after completing sun light advance complex  . sign up to receive personnel experience with Nazar Kosmo

Natural Energy charge – Full Potential Activation

transformation case 1: 81years  old.


Breathing Light