Climate Action Team Public Health Workgroup Participation in webcast Meetings 10.17.2017

Climate Action Team Public Health Workgroup Participation in webcast Meetings 10.17.2017


the water dominant element always regulates one planetaria system, so when entity* taking away from the source and wasting(diminishing) the natural flow receiving stress*( extreme climates conditions for stabilizations

saving trees by transporting them and creating new recreational parks at higher carbon populate areas

– how local communities/ private agents can apply for all kinds financial assistance programs ( such as preventing water waste ) and be more involve with benefits criterias


webinar the Swimmable California Designed Proposal for safety swimmable approved locations in Foster city and San Mateo Ca

to California Water Quality Monitoring Council’s California Safe-to-Swim Workgroups 

 the Swimmable California: The Importance of Safe to Swim Policies and Programs

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Public Comment/Citizen Science Presentation to CA SWRCB for Board Meeting on 09.19.17 (Public Forum)


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Recent Environmental Representation 
 1 . Attended Live Webinar  (Water Planning)
 2. 09.15 Public Comment for 09.19 Board meeting with Presentation on Water Waste Register Center Data Platform
   NEW 3. Developed (convert data mapping) Water Waste violations locations on one Urban Residential Community Foster City Ca ( updates regularly - Encouraging Public to Participate ! )

Request Analytic Service

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Citizen Science 2017 and Integration at EPA

NACEPT has assessed EPA’s approach to citizen science in the context of current activities and recommends that the Agency proactively and fully integrate citizen science into the work of EPA. The Council recommended that EPA embrace citizen science as a core tenet of environmental protection, invest in citizen science for communities, partners, and the Agency, enable the use of citizen science data at the Agency, and integrate citizen science into the full range of work at EPA. The full NACEPT report can be found here:
We need input for second phase of this report to be completed this spring. Need input on the following 9 questions by COB September 6th.  You can cut and paste questions into an email or word document and send to

1. Does your organization currently, or has ever partnered with EPA on projects of concern to your community?  Briefly describe.

2. Was it successful, factors that contributed to success or lack of?
3. Environmental issues your organization/community face that would benefit from citizen science partnership with EPA? 4. What kinds of assistance from EPA would you like? 5. Can you easily access EPA staff and other resources for support, if not what are the barriers? 6. If you have partnered with EPA in data collection what did you collect and how was it used? 7. How would you like to see EPA use citizen science data in the future? What issues or barriers would need to be addressed to enable these uses? 8. Based on your experience what advice would you give other organizations and communities seeking to partner with EPA to address local or regional environmental issues? 9. Describe your organization's mission/work and how you are primarily funded to help us categorize responses.



Responded for Citizen Science 2017

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Recommendation to the: Foster city CA Planning Commission Special Meeting 9/5/17

Due to the increased more water waste in urban and commercial on the Foster city CA areas. We strongly Recommending Support and assistance from the city authorities to Protect and Prevent and secure further More Water Waste Practices
 Comment was physically presented at the and to the city PC staff.
 Naza Ra Svitlo

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more water waste in Foster city Ca (despite Extended Conservation Regulation)

Our efforts to achieve higher sustainability with promoting more conservative  approach, improving water quality and restoring higher DNA memory (weareonewater*) 
Living water is a consciousness as a one planet source/being – reflecting/mirroring to the vibrational levels of human’s evolution.

despite Extended Conservation Regulation (RESOLUTION NO. 2017-0024) based on Governor issued Executive Order B-40-17, (RETAINS PROHIBITION ON WASTEFUL PRACTICES) – WATER SUPPLY CONTINUOUSLY BEING WASTE ALL AROUND at FOSTER CITY CA. Even so after providing monitoring report to the local officials only one (violation case) was approved see below case 4.  

we are subbmitting new public comment for upcoming STATE WATER RESOURCES CONTROL BOARD meeting 08.01.2017 (see agenda 4)

see more previous documented violations here

help us here


Our efforts to achieve higher sustainability with promoting more conservative  approach 
report water violation and prevent shortage to all citizens. 

latest documented water crime data: