Ecological Restoration and Analytical Service


how to restore and activate one water planet memory dna to higher existence.
Light Air Sound Water Research & Science: updating policies ; resolutions and developing efficient now ordinances. 
 We Provide following Environmental Services, Monitoring's and Inspections, Analytical data reports, Surveys, Evaluation Notices, recommended Solutions and implementations for EIR.

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02.17.2017 street maintenance on stormwater drainage flood control maintenance need it
02.13.2017 proposed designed plan to support existing oroville ca dam with Rocks formation to maintain the flow

2017 updated ” Light pollution prevention act, regulation 2017″

One aqua for highest drinking supply quality (past – current monitoring activities)
One Air the cleanest and purest form (updating information- requesting from state air dep. to instal air quality monitoring meters – to know what kind of air we are breathing?  )
One Sound reduction of noise pollution studies. (noise pollution ordinance to update  guidelines  ) sign our quite zone petition.
One Light adjusting to one Light form. (case “minimaizning noise pollution” in mountain area)
recent evaluation publicly available reports:For cities, counties, states and countries
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Portfolio and Accomplishments


Recent Public report to the SWRCB board meeting 09.06 item N3
belmont creek restoration before and after



Safe swimming Lane project proposal  05. 2016 (American River region)

Safe swimming Lane project proposal
Notice of Ecological assessment on proposed Environmental Impact Report
American river Flood prevention project proposal
EIR impact improvements recomendation 07.2016 in Sacramento CA

get involved volunteer And Give a support for higher cause